Sunday, 8 July 2012

Spanish baked eggs

Quick, easy and tasty for breakfast, lunch or dinner. So this is my version, I am sure you could find 50 more. It is very similar to the home made baked beans with a few extras.

Serves 2
Olive oil for sauteing
4 ruby Lou potatoes peeled and cubed
1 large clove of garlic
1medium onion
1 tin of diced tomatoes
1 tin of butter beans
1 tin of canellini beans
1/2 green capsicum
1 dessert spoon of smoked paprika
2 eggs
Optional Halomi

Saute potato for 5 minutes. Chop garlic and onion add and saute until transparent then add capsicum and paprika and saute a further 3 minutes. Add tomatoes and beans, heat through. I then spoon this into 2 large ramekins (they hold around 2 cups) top with the egg and pop in the oven until egg is cooked to your preference. I also like to fry up some cubes of halomi while it is cooking and top mine with crispy cheese squares and tabasco but not on the little ones.

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